Henry James’ “The Golden Bowl” Is Today’s Free eBook

The Golden Bowl by Henry James is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

This 1904 novel deals with themes of marriage and adultery in England and Italy. Here is an excerpt: “The Prince had always liked his London, when it had come to him; he was one of the modern Romans who find by the Thames a more convincing image of the truth of the ancient state than any they have left by the Tiber. Brought up on the legend of the City to which the world paid tribute, he recognised in the present London much more than in contemporary Rome the real dimensions of such a case. If it was a question of an Imperium, he said to himself, and if one wished, as a Roman, to recover a little the sense of that, the place to do so was on London Bridge, or even, on a fine afternoon in May, at Hyde Park Corner.”

Merchant Ivory made a film version in 2000. The film’s trailer is posted above.

Project Gutenberg has the free download.

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