Henry Blodget Corrects Michael Wolff

Consider this a very enlightening episode of new media vs. old(er) media.


Following the publication of Michael Wolff’s latest op-ed in USA Today, Henry Blodget tried to get the paper to correct several factual errors. He writes that Wolff/USA Today did not contact Business Insider prior to the publication of the piece, but that’s pretty common when the template is op-ed rather than investigative feature journalism.

Faced with a lack of USA Today correction cooperation, Blodget went ahead and noted the Wolff article mistakes at his end. Our favorite correction:

USA Today says that we recently tried to sell our company for $100 million. This is wrong. We were lucky enough to be approached by a company that was kind enough to express interest in buying us and ask what we might be willing to sell for. As nutty as it may sound, this number was significantly higher than $100 million.

In other words, BI was offered much more than what Wolff recently claimed The Daily Beast has lost. And in a media world where Tumblr gets $1.1 billion and Snap Chat $16 to $19 billion, the range of this hinted Business Insider figure doesn’t seem at all nutty.

To USA Today‘s credit, there is a link on the front page of the paper’s website to Blodget’s response.