Henry Blodget Defends Slideshows

PandoMonthlyLogoPandoDaily has some fun coverage of the moderated conversation the site hosted last night in New York with Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget.

There’s Adam Penenberg’s item, most notable for the way it recalls a 2005 New York Times op-ed written by Blodget. And there’s this separate bit of coverage from Hamish McKenzie, about portions of the conversation:

Business Insider has copped a lot of flak over its four-year existence for milking slideshows for page views. One example of such criticism: a piece I published that made fun of Nicholas Carlson’s 50-page slideshow about his first Airbnb experience.

Blodget told [PandoDaily’s] Sarah Lacy that he wished the story that I would write is that Business Insider is innovating and that people need to acknowledge that the Web is a new medium, different from print and television. Slideshows are a great form of digital storytelling, he said, because people love pictures. Not everything has to be a 3,000-word essay approved by the Columbia Journalism Review.

Perhaps, to emphasize that point, McKenzie should have considered a photo click-through like “The 10 Most Emphatic Facial Expressions from Henry Blodget’s Slide-Show Defense.” Read the full report here.

[Up next for the PandoMonthly conversation series: Jason Calacanis on November 21. But you’ll need to be within driving distance of Santa Monica to attend.]

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