Henning Breuer and the Way We Learn


Per usual, Ping Magzine is hitting it out of the park with their latest feature, “Easier Learning: Interactive Design Patterns for Classrooms.” It’s an lengthy, very informative interview with Henning Breuer, a Berlin-based researcher who is looking into the process of learning in schools and how we can better educated students. Even if you don’t decide to read the piece, if you’re a fan of information architecture diagrams, you’ll love a couple of the diagrams here (and then you’ll likely be sucked into reading the whole thing after all, so there, ha!). Here’s a bit:

Despite of the many technical devices that are used in these environments, they are often badly integrated and the interfaces equally bad designed. Mainly because they were originally developed for other scenarios than learning processes: most of the human-computer interfaces we are surrounded by were contrived from the paradigm of Personal Computing. Or, as I’d put it, the individual and ‘one’ interface: it is always one person with one screen and one keyboard.