Henneberger Seeks Funding to Resume Politics Daily

We hear that Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Hennenberger, who was formally laid off last week from HuffPost/AOL, is seeking venture capital to reassemble the Politics Daily team at a new site. Meanwhile, some of her now former writers are being folded into HuffPost/AOL, such as White House Correspondent Alex Wagner who is going to Huffington Post Media Group to be Social Impact Reporter along with David Wood (Military Defense Correspondent) and Andrea Stone (Senior National Correspondent).

In her recent sign off from Politics Daily, Henneberger lays out her plan: “All I’ve learned in the last two years has actually made me more rather than less optimistic about the future of journalism; though PD didn’t survive, quality does work on the Web. I’m even hopeful that I may get to try and put together a new start-up with the old url – a request that I’m told AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is seriously considering, for no reason other than that he’d rather see us live on, too. And whatever he decides, I wish all of my former AOL colleagues only smooth landings.”

We’ve requested comment from Henneberger on the matter.

Whatever happens, the Editor-in-Chief is clearly missed…

An exchange on Facebook:

Frank de Falco [a publicist in New York City] remarks to MH: As if the demise of PD were not enough, you also seem to have “gone dark” on Facebook. At least when you were at the helm of PD, we could keep track of your thoughts, observations, insights that way. Now that you are no longer at PD how are we to keep up with you if not via FB. Please start posting again!

Melinda Henneberger Just catchin’ my breath, amigo — but me off FB? No such luck!