Henneberger on the Bitch of Schumer’s Remark

bitch-4.jpeg Politics Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Molly Henneberger is sick as a dog (not a bitch) with the flu. But the bitch of it is, she has had to “rouse herself from her sick bed” (the e-mail reports) to take Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) out for his bitch remark to an airline attendant.

She does just that in today’s column in Politics Daily.

Is she bitching about Schumer?

Well, yes, and no. It’s commentary on why the vulgarity affects women badly. She points out the mistruth of New York Democrat Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand sitting next to Schumer, who it appears fibbed about Schumer’s politeness toward the attendant he has since said he called a “bitch.”

Now couldn’t that make Gillibrand a “lying bitch?” Hennenberger never suggests it; nor does she say Gillibrand had a choice. She writes that Schumer’s admission “made a liar out of” Gillibrand.

Then she brings David Letterman into the mix and calls Schumer and Letterman “boobs.”

And more: Henneberger brings up Helena Andrews (a Politics Daily contributor) whose book, Bitch is the New Black, is becoming a screenplay. She is happy for Andrews, but says bitch is no friend to women.

Noteworthy: Henneberger authored If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Politicians to Hear.