Hemingway Moves to The Weekly Standard

An internal memo about a man named Hemingway would be nothing short of devastating if it were anything less than dramatic.

The Washington Examiner‘s Mark Hemingway has taken a job as Online Editor for The Weekly Standard. In an effusive internal memo, Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott remarks that Hemingway has been a “tremendous asset” over the past year. He calls him a “gentle giant of a man” who he says he intends to work really hard in his final days, “in an effort to wrench that last drop of sweat from his furrowed brow!” Hemingway’s final day at the Examiner is next Thursday.

Best of luck to Hemingway.

See the memo…

Subject: Alas, Mark Hemingway is leaving us to join The Weekly Standard

He will be online editor, tasked with abundant opportunities to keep the magazine’s blog fresh, current and appealing, as well as developing a social media initiative and a video presence. His last day with us will be next Thursday. Yes, I am working him as hard as possible before he leaves in an effort to wrench that last drop of sweat from his furrowed brow!

Mark has been a tremendous asset in the past year and more, putting up an incredible host of Beltway Confidential posts, many of which were linked by Drudge, Instapundit, RealClearPolitics, etc., and in so doing he has played a critical role in helping grow our online presence. He’s also written a weekly column with a distinct and appealing style, and researched and produced a series of excellent special reports and features. Mark is a gentle giant of a man and he will be missed greatly. Fortunately, he’s not going that far from us.

Mark Tapscott
Editorial Page Editor