Helvetica Declared a Cult, If So, We’re In


Boy, do we l-l-l-l-ove it when Michael “Published Author” Bierut is kind enough to point us towards more Helvetica coverage, especially when it comes with clever little bonuses like today’s feature in Slate. And although the Slate authors didn’t take it upon themselves to actually create this most brilliant word ever, we certainly will: Helveticult. And we are card-carrying members.

The typical slide show essay features Helvetica in the wild, but what we really love is that they asked writers something we always thought would be an extremely interesting but fairly obvious question: What typeface do you write in?

Most chose Courier, which we expected, at least for that “See? I’m a writer suffering on this fake typewriter for my craft” quality. Author Anne Fadiman, however, seems to possess an uncanny knowledge of both type and antiquated typewriter technology, namechecking Justus Erich Walbaum, John Baskerville and even Mrs. Eaves.