Help Wanted: Seeking Former Mayor With Deep Pockets

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be about as far as you can get from a recent college grad looking for their first job, but that isn’t stopping the media from offering up their own variation on career counseling. And with a little less than nine months to go before his time in office comes to a close the rumor mill regarding the Mayor’s future is beginning to kick into high gear.

According to the New York Sun a letter has been circulating around the staff of the Bloomberg’s former alma mater of John’s Hopkins University suggesting that even if the Mayor is no longer throwing his hat in the national presidential ring he may be a perfect fit for top billing at their school.
Meanwhile, Newsweek is reporting that members of Bloomberg’s “inner circle” are urging the Mayor to consider a Bloomberg – New York Times merger. According to the article:

“Proponents of the merger are appealing to the mayor’s sense of “civic-mindedness,” arguing that he is best suited to take the publishing company private to “help protect the brand”

The Mayor’s office has declined to comment on this, however Bloomberg has said on a number of occasions that he plans to focus on his philanthropic enterprises once he leaves office and one imagines that in the face of Rupert Murdoch’s predatory ambitions more than a few people would consider a Bloomberg-led Times to easily fit that description, especially if he continues at his current annual salary of one dollar.