Help The New York Times Solve Mysteries of Nazi Photo Album

Attention World War II aficionados: The New York Times needs your help. The paper’s photography blog, Lens, has gained access to a photo album from the war that contains a rarity – pictures of Nazi’s and Jewish prisoners. The pictures are at times moving; other times startling.

The album is owned by a man who lives in New Jersey, and it was given to him by a man who received it from an elderly German man.

The Times was able to piece together some information about the album through research. From what they gathered, it appears that the album documents a Nazi unit’s journey through Eastern Europe and whoever it was that put it together was a professional photographer.

Beyond that, not much is known. This is where readers and historians can help. The Times is hoping that you can help unravel the web of questions brought about by the album:

We accepted the detective assignment with the understanding that we would make our conclusions public even if they undermined the value of the album. And we told the executive that we would not ask any expert to hazard a guess as to the album’s monetary value.

Our only interest was in presenting readers with some astonishing close-up pictures of a great turning point in the Second World War — and in solving a historical puzzle.

If you’re a history buff or just intrigued by a good mystery, we suggest you head over to Lens.