Help! My Blog Has Gone Crazy!

If you are one of the almost 2,000 people that have joined the AllFacebook community via our community widget on the right hand side of this site, there’s no doubt you’ve been noticing some issues in the past 24 hours. Our Facebook Connect implementation has gone crazy even though we didn’t change anything. I’ve pinged Facebook to see what’s going on but I’ve yet to hear anything back.

We’re working to resolve the problem but honestly there is very little I can do aside from disabling the widget all together (which is what I might do if we can’t resolve it in the next few hours). We’ve already had an interesting experience with Facebook Connect on this site with user names not always displaying and links to profiles not displaying accurately. Additionally, all of the registered users are not being accounted for in Facebook’s application metrics.

If this site keeps refreshing for you, try logging out of Facebook before visiting the site. Alternatively, wait a few hours until we’ve fixed the problem! Thanks for understanding!