Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Launches on Android

Help Me JackNHN Entertainment has announced the launch of Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure on Android devices. The free-to-play hack-and-slash experience takes players to a version of planet Earth that has been rocked by a mysterious explosion at a nuclear plant. The world is now populated by mutants, and players need to locate missing scientists, while defeating these mutants, to save the day.

In Help Me Jack, players can customize their skills as they explore the ruined cities of Earth as one of two classes (Warrior or Shooter). Users discover secret passageways as they collect keys and bombs, and can rebuild their own headquarters while researching new technologies.

While playing, users navigate the world with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and action buttons on the right. This includes a standard attack button, as well as buttons for quickly activating skills. These skills have cooldown timers, so players are encouraged to execute them when they’d be the most helpful.

Thanks to the game’s “Partners” system, players will always have up to two AI-controlled characters by their side during combat. There are more than 20 partners available, each of which has different attributes and abilities. One partner may be especially skilled at defending or healing the group, for instance, while another can deal especially heavy damage to enemies, like bosses.

As players complete the game’s 200+ levels, they can replay missions to earn extra resources or additional partners.

“Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure was designed to be an epic sci-fi adventure with AAA quality graphics and simple controls,” says Alex Fleming, associate product manager at NHN USA, Inc. “As the smartphone technology continues to advance, we wanted to provide gamers with a great hack-and-slash title that they could immediately pick up and play, save captured scientists, and prevent the world from falling into an irradiated dark age of mutant monstrosities from a tablet or smartphone.”

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure is available to download for free on Google Play.

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