How Twitter Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Did you resolve to be a better you in some way this 2013? Though many people poo poo resolutions as a silly practice, just as many make – and break – these ill-conceived self-promises each year.

If you’re a “resolver,” take heart. Twitter is going to help you keep your resolutions. And if you’re someone who “resolves” things, you’ll probably like what they suggest.

Much like how tweeting what you eat can help you lose weight, publicly shaming yourself can be used for another purpose – helping you stick to those New Year Resolutions.

Twitter suggests you tweet those resolutions out, but not only to shame yourself into keeping them. They want you to use Twitter to inform and inspire yourself to succeed:

Whether you aspire to something silly or serious next year, Tweeting your #resolutions can be an effective way to account for your actions. If you want to lose weight, search on #weightloss to find inspiring accounts to follow. If you’re determined to read more books, you can find #bookclub tips.

And if you need #hangovercure tips, you can find those too. Seemed appropriate to toss that in today.

Did you make any 2013 resolutions?

(Resolution image from Shutterstock)