Help! I'm Addicted to Twitter!

Over the past few months I have been an occasional user of Twitter. Then last week while attending the Web Community Forum in Seattle I noticed that practically everyone was using Twitter to communicate with each other. I hadn’t been following any of the chatter on Twitter but there was a fair amount that I was missing out on. I had to join the conversation!

Last week I began using the service on a regular basis and now I have become a regular user. Not only is it a way for tracking what I am up to but it is also a great way for tracking conversations. I’m not quite sure what the phenomenon is that makes us want to Twitter but suddenly I can’t get enough of it. Jeremiah Owyang has pointed out the recent phenomenon.

Just last night I suggested to my roommate that he begin using Twitter as a way for promoting his blog. I honestly hate using the word and feel like the biggest geek for doing so but I can’t stop Twittering! Twitter has become just as addictive for me as Facebook has and that is a big deal. Now the only thing Twitter has left to do is figure out how they are going to make money! If you are on twitter then go follow me. Say hello and I’ll add you back.