Help Fund iPad Craziness with ‘Robots Love Ice Cream

Ice cream and robots are two great tastes that, not unlike orange juice and mint julips, aren’t expected to go well together. Addo Games’ Burton and Becca Posey are reconfiguring our expections however, working hard on an iPad/iPad2 game that (at last!) combines sentient technology with dairy-based treats.

Robots Love Ice Cream has all the trappings of an indie development. It offers players a bizarre scenario, innovative play mechanics and is the lovechild of a small, devoted team of professionals who are creating out of a sense of passion rather than financial commitment. It’s no surprise then that Addo Games have taken to Kickstarter in an effort to keep their baby pure, hoping that enough interested funders help them in their goal of releasing Robots as a Apple App Store title sometime in 2011. Luckily, it sounds like a project worth contributing to.

The game puts you in the driver’s seat of an ice cream truck and gives you a simple, overarching mission to complete: stop the impending doom of the galaxy by pacifying robot invaders with tasty, frozen treats. Robots Love Ice Cream explains some of its premise in its title — by using “weaponized ice cream” (as pictured below) the mechanized colonists will eventually explode with sheer happiness and, thus, be neutralized.

From the footage embedded in Addo’s Kickstarter video, gameplay features a spin on the tried and true tower defense genre (think Plants vs. Zombies). Instead of remaining stationary, though, Robots utilizes a touch-based mechanic that allows players to spin a given level map on a 360 degree plane to better inform their plan of attack. The game comes complete with a distinctive, cartoony aesthetic and is meant to appeal to a wide audience, providing something for hardcore and casual players alike.

Addo Games needs help to get Robots Love Ice Cream released. Becca and Burton Posey have taken time off from their day jobs to hammer out the game’s development process but they require a few extra pairs of hands to bring their effort home. Funding will go toward hiring further creative help, purchasing development software and paying for the hours of work that go into maintaining the kind of high-production values that the title requires to look and play its best.

There are plenty of sweet (get it? ha ha ha) prizes available for the kind folks who toss a few sheckles toward Addo Games. The lower donation range inclues items such as post cards and wallpapers to free downloads of the finished game and soundtrack while the higher end of the spectrum provides personalized iPad skins, the ability to name one of the robot characters, a free iPad 2 and more.

Want to learn more about Robots Love Ice Cream? Head over to its Kickstarter page, the official Addo Games website or check out the company’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you’re already interested, make your donations now — the project will be funded on Sunday, July 31st at 3.00am EST if the $18,000 goal is met on time.