Facebook Makes Things Easier With A Redesigned Help Center

This evening Facebook announced a redesigned help center which aims to make it easier for Facebook users to find the answers to the problems they are having. Personally, I don’t use the help center too often, however I know that Facebook has been steadily improving the help area over the past couple years. Today, Facebook has announced a number of additional features.

Among the new improvements is a new search interface, expanded user-to-user help topics, navigational filters, and unique URLs for help topics. While the design is similar to the previous iteration of the help center, the upgrades will be welcomed by those users who are still confused about the functionality of the site.

In the past I’ve written that any product which requires a user manual is not easy enough to use. With Facebook’s expanding functionality though, becoming a power user requires a bit more research and user education. In contrast to the site which has over 70 languages, the help section currently supports 15 languages but is expanding quickly.

Do you use Facebook’s help center ever? Do you find the redesigned center to be easier to use?

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