Heller Goes Underground with Kim Deitch

A great interview by Steven Heller over at AIGA with Kim Deitch, noted illustrator and author of “underground comix,” whose peers fall in lists that would include people like Crumb and Spiegelman. If you’re familiar with his work, you’ll really appreciate Heller going into all the details of his specific stories and his past. If you aren’t, then consider this an excellent primer. Here’s a little for a quick taste:

The big miracle in my life is that I managed to turn all that around. I believe that the essence of what I have going for me isn’t that I’m some kind of a genius. Believe me, I’ve been around that and I know it when I see it. When I do see it, I study it and try to learn something. Over time I have managed to learn enough to purge bad habits and develop better ones… I think I am actually living closer to my actual potential than a lot of people do.