Heinz Unveils All New Ketchup Packet Design

If you didn’t feel like we were officially in the future when the year changed to 2010, you’ll believe it now. Heinz has just unveiled their new ketchup packet design, their first major change to the ubiquitous condiment packaging since 1968. And it’s probably not correct to even call it a “packet” anymore, given that the new design looks more like one of those dipping sauce containers usually found to contain things like your barbecue sauces or your ranch dressings. However, before you decry this erasing of the past, know that the new design it isn’t just for dipping. One can “tear off the tip to squeeze onto favorite foods” as well. It also holds three times as much ketchup as a regular packet, so there’s that too. Here it is in action:

If you’re still sad about this change, rest easy in the knowledge that we’ll always have mustard. For now.