Heineken Makes a Big Push on Facebook

Heineken is all over the place this week, with a couple of campaigns and a big deal that ups its digital presence.

In its deal with Facebook, the brewer will get an early crack at new Facebook offerings as well as consulting services from the social network. (Heineken hasn’t disclosed how much it’s paying for this deal.) The deal sounds similar to the one Heineken has with Google, which is giving Heineken consulting and other services in exchange for advertising.

Separately, Heineken has launched two digital campaigns on Facebook.

In honor of its 140th anniversary in 2013, the beer company is hosting a bottle design competition. Armed with tools on its Facebook page, visitors create a design for one half of the bottle and must collaborate with someone else to create the other half. Entries will be accepted until January 31.

And in a particularly inspired campaign, Heineken is inviting people to basically give themselves the gift of beer. Assuming that you want a Heineken BeerTender, the company is also using its Facebook page to connect you with someone else who wants one too. The two of you will be connected through the BeerFriender Facebook app and give each other the BeerTender, wrapped and with warm holiday wishes.

What’s interesting about both of these campaigns is how they not only connect the customers to the brand, but to each other. Almost like Heineken is creating a beer-loving clique that’s devoted to them.

*Update: Heineken has also released a new clip that stresses the coolness of drinking moderately. The video comes with a hashtag, #mysunrise. (h/t @VitroAgency)