‘Height of Arrogance’: NYT Reporter ‘Upset’ at Blogger

reynoldsfoto.jpgInstpunditGlenn Reynolds on the Brian Lehrer show said New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro was “very upset” that Reynolds wrote about an interview they had before Barbaro’s story on blogging was out. Even more upset, he said, that Reynolds later linked to a Wal-Mart blog that told a lot more details.

“When reporters protect their sources, that’s one thing. But when reporters start expecting sources to protect them, that seems the height of arrogance to me,” he said, agreeing it was basically for the reporter’s “economic advantage” to hold it.

Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee, was flacking his new book, An Army of Davids, whose thesis, he says, is, in a sentence: “We’re going to see worker control of the means of production, but without all that tedious communism stuff.”

Lehrer: “You’ve proved your point to some degree just by becoming as nationally well-known in politically obsessed circles as you are, because there you are in Tennessee and not in New York and not in Washington, and get your views and your ideas around.”

You don’t have to be in New York?