Hefty (19.9MB) iPhone App from Tech Leader… Pizza Hut?

Screenshot courtesy of Pizza Hut

I noted a few weeks ago that…

Fast Food & Beverage Chains Still on the iPhone App Sidelines

Well, a giant in the fast food industry just joined the iPhone app fray. And, it is actually one with a history of pushing the telecom envelope. Welcome the somewhat giant free iPhone app (19.9MB) from fast good giant…

Pizza Hut (iTunes App Store)

FYI: My guess is that the app is big because it isn’t just an food ordering app. It also contains a game named Hut Racer.

And, what about Pizza Hut’s history in telecom? Well, I worked for a large phone company in the 1990s. And, one of the hot development topics back then was literally called “the Pizza Hut app”. The goal was to create something that is probably familiar to many of you by now: Dial a Pizza Hut 800 number and get automatically directed to the speak with someone at the closest Pizza Hut. Although it seems simple, this is the result of years of research, software design (which requires coding for the entire phone network) and testing.

Via: ReadWriteWeb