Hedges Named Examiner Managing Editor

Michael Hedges, currently a Washington correspondent for the Houston Chronicle, has been named the new managing editor of The Washington Examiner.

Hedges 25-year career has taken him from the Journal newspapers to the Washington Times to the Scripps Howard national news bureau to the Houston Chronicle. Executive Editor Stephen G. Smith’s full announcement is pasted after the jump. Hedges replaces Nick Horrock, who will join the Connection newspapers in Northern Virginia as a special projects writer and an editor. Horrock is also writing a book on the anthrax attacks after 9/11 for Little, Brown and Co.

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From Stephen G. Smith:

    I’m pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Hedges, currently a Washington correspondent for the Houston Chronicle, as the new managing editor of the Washington Examiner.

    Over the past 25 years, Hedges has covered with distinction everything from Washington-area courts and police to breaking news in more than 40 countries.

    He began his newspaper career with the Examiner’s predecessor, the Journal papers, where he reported on murder trials, local government and police in Prince George’s County.

    He moved on to The Washington Times, where he was a mainstay of the newspaper’s investigative team. His stories probing the Marion Barry administration gained particular attention. The City Paper said Hedges and a co-byliner were Washington’s best investigative reporters, noting that “while the Washington Post slept, the Times stole a beat on Metro coverage…(a) Hedges byline was the guarantee of high-test investigative reporting on District government.”

    Hedges also became the Washington Times’ trouble shooter on major national stories, covering everything from the Iran-Contra scandal to the trial of Manuel Noriega to the riots in Miami and Los Angeles to the drug wars in South and Central America.

    In 1990-1991 he spent more than five months in the Middle East anchoring the paper’s coverage of Operation Desert Storm. Over the next few years, Hedges covered wars and other consequential stories in Somalia, Bosnia, the West Bank, Rwanda, Haiti and other countries. He also remained a major part of the paper’s investigative efforts, earning Pulitzer Prize nominations while scrutinizing the records of presidential contenders and probing waste and fraud in the national government.

    In 1995 Hedges was recruited by the Scripps Howard national news bureau, where he covered the FBI, the Supreme Court and national security issues. His Whitewater and Lewinsky reporting appeared on front pages around the country. In 1999 he returned overseas, writing extensively about the refugee crisis and war in Kosovo.

    Among the stories he covered during his seven years at the Houston Chronicle were the 2004 presidential campaign, the chaos in New Orleans after Katrina, and the investigation of Tom DeLay. He spent 9/11 at the Pentagon, filing deadline stories on the terrorist attack. He was one of the first journalists to arrive in Afghanistan, reporting from Kabul after the fall of the Taliban. In 2003 Hedges was embedded with U.S. forces invading Iraq. He has returned to that country and to Afghanistan several times to document the ongoing conflicts.

    Hedges grew up in Kentucky and studied journalism at Northern Kentucky University, which he attended on a basketball scholarship. He is married to Carrie Dowling Hedges and has three children, Emily, Kate and Jack. They live in Derwood, Maryland.

    Stephen G. Smith
    Executive Editor