Heckler Design releases WindFall C iPad point-of-sale system

Hot on the heels of Square’s public launch of the Square Stand, Heckler Design has released its newest iPad point-of-sale system, the WindFall C. The WindFall C is an iPad stand designed to offer compatibility with numerous card readers, including PayPal Here.

The WindFall C is designed with security and flexibility in mind. iPads are securely mounted to the stand, while the entire stand can be placed on a swivel to allow for easy access to customer signatures. They can also be mounted to a counter for a permanent installation.

Unlike the Square Stand, which comes with a built-in card reader, the WindFall C was instead designed to leave plenty of room for retailers’ card-readers of choice. The most popular options are supported, including the Square Reader, Intuit’s GoPayment, ShopKeep, and Groupon’s Breadcrumb.

The WindFall C costs $129, $170 cheaper than the Square Stand, but businesses must provide their own card readers. Still, this cheaper option offers another outlet for small businesses that are looking to avoid purchasing traditional, bulky cash registers and instead use Apple’s more convenient, modern iPad alternative.

iPad point-of-sale systems continue to gain in popularity. As reported by Entrepreneur.com, even companies known for their larger systems costing $20,000 or more are getting into the cheaper iPad arena. For instance, NCR has launched its own iPad-based point-of-sale system in NCR Silver, which charges 1.99 percent per transaction, along with a monthly equipment-leasing fee of $29.

More competition in this area is obviously better for small businesses, as each one, regardless of size, should be able to find an option that works for them. With more card readers and financial services launching at this fast pace, consumers should be ready to see many more iPad point-of-sale systems cropping up in businesses than ever before.