Heather Mallick is Un-American

Journalist and author Heather Mallick doesn’t have American values. Mainly because she’s Canadian. Being a foreigner from another country, she wrote an opinion piece about Republican Veep Nominee Sarah Palin. The full text of it is here. It’s kind of not really notable other than it’s penned by a foreigner that has paid more attention to our politics than we ever have to theirs. In fact the last time we as a nation cared about Canada is when we invaded them in 1812.

Anyway, Heather Mallick in her column called Palin supporters ‘White Trash’ just because they unequivocally support a barely first-term governor from a state so small it has more senators than congresspeople, whose 17-year-old daughter got knocked up by a kid named Levi that claims to be a ‘fucking redneck’ on his myspace page, whose one qualification is that she lives closer to another continent than the majority of Americans and that she has killed a moose or two. Just because they think that’s a ‘smart choice’ and she’s ready to be leader of the free world. White trash? As a bowling trophy…

In the clip above, FNC’s Megyn Kelly is outraged because Mallick also said Palin looks like a porn actress and well…maybe that’s a sore spot for Kelly. Kelly states that Canadians believe in free speech which (shocker here on Fox) isn’t actually true. Canadians don’t use the US Bill of Rights even though most of them are white and most of them speak English. They have laws against hate speech…which isn’t free speech.

The point is Kelly calls Mallick ‘the other side of the ticket’: Obama-Biden-foreign columnists. Uh huh.

We kind of think Heather Mallick has some balls to be that snarky in a country that tries to legislate politeness. In this country you only have to worry about hate mail, death threats, getting Bill Maher-ed, Valerie Plame-d and Ward Churchill-ed. Thank god for our freedom of speech.