Heart of Vegas aims to offer a more realistic casino experience on Facebook

Image via Product Madness

It’s hard to browse Facebook’s App Center without running into a few casino titles, but Heart of Vegas from Product Madness looks to blow its competition out of the water by offering a more realistic experience, with slot machines “just like the ones you know and love.”

Heart of Vegas contains multiple slot machines, each with their own themes and varying bet amounts. Those looking to play it safe can play on cheaper machines like Werewolf Wild, with its minimum bet of 10 chips per line, while high rollers can play on machines with 20,000 chips per line or more.

The same slot machine offers multiple configurations, so if players fall in love with one machine, but want to start betting more (or less) chips, they can do that without losing the machine’s overall experience. Players earn experience points relative to the number of chips they bet, and additional betting amounts are unlocked with those higher experience point levels.

Image via Product Madness

Each machine offers an autoplay button, and some offer the ability to lessen the number of lines each spin bets on. That way, players can still bet a large amount of money on each spin, and receive those high payouts, but can customize just how much money they’re actually wagering.

Heart of Vegas has experienced steady growth since its launch earlier this year. The game currently has over 1 million monthly active players on Facebook, according to our app tracking service AppData. Heart of Vegas is now available to play for free on Facebook.