What Your Home Looks Like When You’ve Traveled to Most of the Countries on Earth

Hearst’s Michael Clinton surrounds himself with memories

After visiting 123 countries, it is safe to say that Michael Clinton, marketing president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines, is at home pretty much anywhere on the planet—and, it seems, he's brought much of the world back home with him.

"I surround myself with the memories of trekking in Nepal and Bhutan, flying along the Namibian coast, running marathons in Mongolia and Antarctica, and negotiating in the souks of Morocco and Turkey," explains the Pittsburgh native, whose domain at Hearst includes home design publications like HGTV Magazine, House Beautiful and Elle Decor.

Clinton's domain when off the clock, a pre-war apartment on New York's Upper East Side, not only sports an impressive curation of mementos from his travels (he calls the place an "adventure lodge"), it is also a refuge from the busy city and the hectic pace of the media business. "Since I'm in the ever-changing world of media, filled with frenetic days, home is sanctuary," he says. "Nothing like a fire roaring in the middle of winter, sharing some great food and wine with family and friends. … When I'm at home, I'm spending time with my favorite people, who share my passions and hobbies."

Clinton has married his love of seeing the world with a desire to do for others. To raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation, of which he is a longtime supporter and former board member, the executive has led expeditions to Nepal, Patagonia and to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

An avid photographer (he is a trustee of the International Center of Photography), Clinton has documented much of his globe-trotting in pictures, many included in his seven books of photography. Meanwhile, at home he displays the work of photographers of note like Peter Beard and Nick Brandt.

It looks like Clinton's passport will continue to get a workout. This Christmas, he and a group of fellow adventure travelers are planning a trip to southern India and Sri Lanka. 


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