Hearst Hands Out Tower Awards


If you can’t win an Ellie, make your own

Last night, Hearst celebrated its first year in the Hearst Tower by handing out fourteen crystal statuettes of the 46-story, 856,000-square-foot glassy outcropping to honor the work of its own magazines — a really expensive version of what most companies call an “e-mail.”

Cathie Black presided over an awards dinner that included guest “presenters” — CBS Senior Political Correspondent Jeff Greenfield and designers Kate and Andy Spade.

The full list, including what appear to be Black’s parenthetical notes on the winners:

Of the 14 categories, there were two special awards given. The Innovation Award, which goes to the person or team that has shown non-traditional thinking, taken risks and found new ways to reach audiences, went to Seventeen magazine for its partnership with The CW Network’s hit series “America’s Next Top Model.” The President’s Award — an accolade for the magazine that most reflects diversity in its photos, stories and bylines to more accurately showcase the changing faces of America — was shared by sister publications O, The Oprah Magazine and O at Home.

The complete list of 2007 Tower Awards winners:

  • Story of the Year: Esquire, June 2006 — “The School”
    (The story of the attack on School No. 1 in the Russian town of Beslan.)

  • Best Reporting: Popular Mechanics, March 2006 — “Now What? The Lessons of Katrina”
  • Public Service: O, The Oprah Magazine, November 2006 — “Please Daddy, No”
    (A tough story that looks at sexual abuse within the family walls.)

  • How-To Group I (Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food, Interior Design): Good Housekeeping, September 2006 — “Makeover Miracles”
  • How-To Group II (Health, Psychology/Self-Improvement, Technology, Finance/Careers, Personal Relationships): Esquire, May 2006 — “The Better Man”
  • Cover of the Year: Marie Claire, September 2006 — “Meet Maggie Gyllenhaal”
  • Cover Line of the Year: Quick & Simple, October 2006 — “Why You Need to Eat Chocolate Every Day!”
    (Need we say more?)

  • Best Feature Design: Town & Country, June 2006 — “New Orleans”
    (A portfolio of life after Katrina.)

  • Best Photography: Harper’s Bazaar, September 2006
    (The fall fashion issue of bold, gorgeous photographs mixing the
    beautiful and avant-garde.)

  • Photo of the Year: Marie Claire, October 2006 — “Night Shift”
    (A fashion feature shot entirely in the Hearst Tower.)

  • Best Regular Section: CosmoGIRL!, Project 2024
    (2024 is the year when we hope a CosmoGIRL! reader will become the
    first female U.S. president. It offers interviews and inspiration to
    the next generation of leaders.)

  • Best Special Section: O, The Oprah Magazine, July 2006 – “Reading: A Love Story”
    (A special edition devoted to the delights of reading.)

  • Innovation of the Year: Seventeen, “America’s Next Top Model” partnership
  • President’s Award: O, The Oprah Magazine and O at Home for diversity