Hear from the Girl who Started the #Jan25 Hashtag

The #Jan25 hashtag was one of the most-used tags on Twitter to talk about the protests in Egypt. Since January 25th, the first day of protests, Twitter users in Egypt and around the world were adding the hashtag to their tweets to show solidarity and to join in one of the most momentous political conversations of their time. The hope 140 blog, an official Twitter blog about good social movements occurring on Twitter, was able to talk with the young girl who was the first to use #Jan25 about the power of a hashtag.

@alya1989262 is a nearly-22-year-old Egyptian girl who has been using her Twitter account for under a year. And she helped spark a conversation about one of the most important moments in her country’s history.

She says that Twitter was an important tool for protesters like herself, who used it to stay in touch and organize events. She also notes that Twitter (along with Facebook) was shut down by the government in the early days of the protests, which only further displayed the importance of social media in the Egyptian revolution.

She and her fellow protesters used hashtags to communicate with the world outside of Egypt, and she remarks that social media is one way that government propaganda can be subverted.

Her words are really quite inspiring, and they prove that nothing is stronger than a revolution sparked by the determination of a peoples. Technology, like Twitter, helped, but her story is truly one of an indomitable spirit. You can read her thoughts on Twitter, social media, and the revolution at the hope140 blog.