Healthline Networks Treats

ABCNewsHealthlineTools.jpgABC News Digital dialed up Healthline Networks, as the provider of health-information services will supply interactive medical and health tools and advanced search technology to and its new enhanced health site. users now have access to tools from Healthline including SymptomSearch, TreatmentSearch, and DocSearch, as well as to key health and wellness trends through Healthline content from partners such as A.D.A.M. and Gold Standard.

ABC News Digital senior vice president Paul Slavin said:

We’re pleased to add Healthline’s content and tools to ABC News’ online library of health and medical reporting, which features reporting from all ABC News shows and platforms, including Good Morning America and World News. ABC News Digital is dedicated to providing our users with health and wellness resources.

And Healthline chairman and CEO West Shell III added:

Healthline now provides a growing suite of advanced health-information technologies to more than 40 top-tier companies, across almost every sector in consumer healthcare. We are excited to be working closely with ABC News, which is committed to helping millions of loyal users engage more deeply in understanding and managing their health, fitness, and overall quality of life.