Health Magazine Study Reveals Shift in Women’s Behavior

Before we get to the Health magazine study that found women are focusing more on improving their emotional and physical wellness than they were in 2009, we should tell you 1) Stats can say anything you want them to say and 2) The new trend is titled “Me-Covery” by the magazine, and that just makes us want to ignore it altogether.

Not that FishbowlNY isn’t happy to see that women care about their health – because you know, everyone should – we just wanted to put it out there before getting to the findings.

According to the magazine’s study, which was done in conjunction with Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, while the recession impacted women when it came to health issues, they are now changing their ways. Dave Watt, Publisher of Health, explained, “We hear so much about the impact of the economy on consumer behavior and attitudes, and these survey findings are consistent with what we heard from Health readers in focus groups.”

Check out some of the stats after the jump.

  • 54% of respondents are buying more healthy food, with 47% choosing to buy organic foods more often, despite the extra expense and continued economic uncertainty.
  • 74% of the people who were most affected by the economy reported they are buying less fast food than in 2009.
  • 48% of respondents are committed to working out more on their own and are getting inspiration and motivation online with music, workout videos and interactive gaming systems.
  • 86% of respondents are doing more online health research on their own (up 47 points from 2009) and 79% now see their doctor regularly (up 21 points).
  • 64% are buying prescription medication (up 16 points from 2009) and 48% are buying more vitamins (up 27 points).