Health & fitness app growth outpacing other apps by 87%

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Health and fitness apps are experiencing major growth this year, more so than any other year, according to data from Flurry Analytics. From December of 2013 to June of 2014, apps grew by 33% while health & fitness apps grew by 62%. This is attributed to the growth of devices that now support and help users track their physical activities in addition to independent apps that can perform similar functions.

The rise of health and fitness apps brings great news to the much-anticipated wearables market. In fact, many analysts and experts perceive health and fitness apps as the killer category for that market. According to Stephanie Tilenius of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, by 2017, 30% of US consumers will be wearing a device to track food, exercise, heart rate and other critical vital signs. Since Fitness Fanatics are the heavy users of these applications on smartphones and tablets, we expect that this segment will be among the early adopters for wearables, especially watches and bands.

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In a survey of 6,800 health and fitness apps, users who spent more than three times the average amount of time in health and fitness apps were considered Fitness Fanatics. Of those, 62% were female while 38% were male. Compare that to the percentage of mobile users: 48% female, 52% male.

Further, Fitness Fanatics tended to be older, more likely to be sports fans, parents, and runners who are not heavy users of social media or mobile games.

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