Health Care, Schmealth Care | Getting Visitors Over The Wall | Everyone You Know Will Be Twittering About RuPaul’s Drag Race Tonight

The Wrap: Here are 15 papers that didn’t feature last night’s baby killing orgy on their front page, as well as the stories they ran instead. Finally, I don’t feel alone in my belief that emus outweigh health care reform.

Guardian: What will pay walls mean for websites’ unique user numbers? Specifically, emus.

Chicago Sun-Times: A Nielsen Co. study reveals that more and more people are online while watching TV. Beats talking to people, we guess.

TVNewser: Gentlemen may prefer blondes [Ed. note: No they don’t.], but Bloomberg proves that giant media companies definitely favor brunettes, if their recent hires for anchors are anything to go by.

FishbowlDC: Keith Olbermann will return to Countdown tonight after taking time off to mourn the death of his father.