Heads Up Project Runway Wannabee Contestants

towerWin3.jpg ‘Tis difficult work to get onto “Project Runway” or at least that’s what Bravo Television would like you to believe. What if you don’t get onto the reality-show, what’s a budding fashion designer to do? Hang out a shingle like other entrepreneurs or work for Ralph Lauren as Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel did on “Friends”. No! You need to do something that’s attention-getting in a different way. Here’s a thought as you dig through your ever-growing stash of sewing patterns. Enter a contest such as this one which will take you straight to Paris for FREE if you win! Here’s the catch: you’ve got to use one of Simplicity’s Threads/Sew Stylish patterns. The collection’s a bit limited, shall we say and there are absolutely no men’s patterns! (Sorry, guys) This writer personally likes Simplicity 4033 (a coat), but even that might not be enough to get her to fire up her Viking Husqvarna 730 to partake in a great adventure that could win her a trip to see the Eiffel Tower up close and personal.