Heads Up! Ilium Software Getting Ready to Celebrate its 12th Anniversary

I can count the number of apps I’ve used regularly for the past decade or two on one hand:

1. Variations of vi (editor) for UNIX/Linux since the 1980s
2. Microsoft Office for Windows – Word & Excel since 1995
3. Ilium Software eWallet for Windows CE/Windows Mobile since 1997

That’s pretty much it. If there are other apps with this kind of longevity in my toolbox, I can’t think of them at the moment (though they might come to me later).

You might be interested to learn that Ilium Software’s 12th anniversary is just around the corner. So, keep an eye on:

Ilium Software Blog



…to learn what activities and goodies Ilium may offer.

FYI: If you are in need of a light amusement, check out this item I wrote in 1998…

My Top Ten Products for the H/PC

FYI: “H/PC” == Handheld PC (running Windows CE)

eWallet is #1 on that list followed by Ilium’s ListPro (which I must admit I have not been using recently – I’ve been using the web-based Gubb.net for simple lists)