Headliner.fm Has 27,000 Musical Acts Trading Fans On Facebook

Headliner.fm has over 27,000 different musical acts suggesting each other to their respective fan bases.

Headliner.fm has amassed a community of more than 27,000 different musical acts that recommend each other to their respective fan bases.

A spokesperson for Headliner.fm clarified that this doesn’t compete with Rootmusic’s BandPage, but rather complements it.

On an average day, Headliner.fm recommends muscial performers to more than four million fans on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

When a musical performer joins Headliner.fm, the site awards Band Bucks in proportion to the number of fans an act already has. You can earn more of them as your fan base grows. Plus, every artist that joins based an invitation you send will score you more of the currency.

Band Bucks pay for the trading of recommendations with other bands. This activity, called a shout-out, is capped at three per day.

The recommendations show up on bands’ Facebook pages and news feeds, but it’s up to the fans to decide whether to “like” an act suggested in this manner.

Have you tried out Headliner.fm yourself? Or have you received recommendations of musical artists from acts you already “like?” How do you respond to these suggestions?