Home Page Headline Urges Users to Invite Their Skype Contacts to Join Facebook

Some users who list their Skype contact info in their profile are being greeted by a message on the Facebook home page informing them “now you can find your friends the easy way…with your Skype account.”

Clicking “Find Friends” leads users to a contact importer that allows them to send sign-up invites to their Skype contacts who don’t have Facebook accounts. These invites are integrated into Facebook Impact, which tracks your referrals and ranks you against your friends by how many people you’ve signed up.

The Skype contact importer is also available to everyone via the Who’s on Facebook? Find your friends link in the home page’s Get Connected section. ICQ is also available. Users previously only had the option to import contacts from various email services, AIM and Windows Live Messenger. However, since many people use Skype for professional purposes, inviting all of one’s Skype contacts to join and be your friend may not always be appropriate.

This feature does not address the longstanding request of users to be able to view a list of all of their Facebook friends who provide Skype contact info. This functionality, which would assist users in Skyping with their Facebook friends, is available from Facebook app Skype Me.

[Image from Dummies.com]