Head Scratcher: Amanda Bynes Gets Newsy

If you’ve missed Amanda Bynes‘ mental breakdown playing out on Twitter over the last year or so, then you’re luckier than we are. The actress has gone from normal celebrity nutso to throwing a bong out the window crazy in a very short time, all in full public display for her 2.7 million followers.

And then yesterday she shifted the target of her normally insult-laden tweets away from her fellow celebrities and pointed one squarely at President Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama.

“Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” she wrote.

And you guys went nuts.

Like lemmings falling off a cliff, stories began appearing everywhere: USAToday, The Hill, CNN, New York Daily News, HuffPost, LAT, Politico, Daily Caller, Wonkette. The list goes on and on and on…

Guys, this is what Bynes does. She calls famous people ugly on Twitter. Why? Because she is currently very insane. You roll your eyes, you move on. That’s what you do. It’s not news—at least it won’t be if you all stop writing about it.