HDGreetings Offers High Def E-Cards

hd_greetingsOnline greeting cards go high-tech with HDGreetings. Rather than send your friends and family special-occasion messages with lame animations, you now have the option to deliver full-screen, crystal clear e-cards.

Unlike many similar sites, the roster of cards in constantly growing, thanks in part to a burgeoning artist community. People versed in video and animation can create custom cards, upload them to HDGreetings, and get paid every time the card is sent.Sending cards is completely free since the service is ad supported. Users pick the card, the background music and photos, resulting in a multi-media experience that can take a birthday or a ‘thank you’ to the next level.

Cards can also be personalized and shared specifically for iPhone users. Additionally, there is a Facebook application that allows you to send and receive HDGreetings within Facebook.

The artist community gives creators the ability to earn 50% of the net advertising revenue associated with the e-card. Minimum payout is $100 and is payable by check. According to the site, successful cards have the potential to earn over $1,000 a month during peak traffic times. while that number sounds like the exception rather than the rule, the possibility exists.

Personally, I’m partial to flat, snarky e-card provider SomeeCards. But there’s no doubt a market for HDGreetings. The Pixar-like technology and 1080p resolution is sure to bring people under the tent. Plus, the viral nature of online videos in the form of e-cards could get many corporations on board as a cheap alternative to charing custom-made content.