HD Radio to Support iTunes Tags

PC Magazine is reporting that major broadcasters announced they would be supporting iTunes tagging as part of the emerging HD Radio specification.

Here’s the lowdown: “CBS RADIO, Clear Channel, Cumulus, Cox, Entercom and Greater Media said that they are in the process of installing iTunes Tagging technology. As a result, consumers who wish to hear a song on their local HD Radio stations – and want to preview, buy and download it later on iTunes – will soon be able to do that with just the touch of a button on an enabled HD Radio receiver.”

A study back in May by Jacobs Media found that 54 percent of respondents still find out about new music via FM radio, according to the PC Magazine article. Many MP3 players, and even some phones (but not iPods) have built-in FM tuners. It will be interesting to see how the portable HD radio market expands.

Broadcasters Support iTunes Tagging in HD Radio [PC Magazine]