HBO’s VEEP Season Premiere at Dog Tag Bakery

“There are no calories in here whatsoever.”

Tammy Haddad, John Gossart, Father Rick Curry, Roy and Kelly Schwartz.

Saturday night’s private screening of VEEP at The Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown was all laughs, baked goods and philanthropic vibes. The HBO political comedy, now entering its fourth season, debuted its season premiere but not before a few words from the bakery’s founder, Father Rick Curry, on the endeavor’s charitable work.

Mike Allen, Betsy Fischer Martin and Jonathan Martin

“My life has been trying to bridge the gap between the disabled and the able-bodied,” said Curry, who was born with one arm. “The reason this is a bakery is because you don’t come to a bakery to be sad. You come to a bakery to be happy.”

“And with my connections,’ he joked, “there are no calories in here whatsoever.”

“There is a sad thought that disabled veterans don’t want to work, but au contraire,” he said. “Not only do they want to work, they want to make a real contribution to American society.”

Dog Tag Bakery is part of a work-study program that will allow more veterans to acquire the skills they need to build a successful civilian career.

Spotted: Roy and Kelly Schwartz, Alexis Williams, Anita McBride, Ben Chang, Betsy Fischer Martin and Jonathan Martin, Brad Dayspring and Lauren Pratapas, Dan Swartz, Daniel Lippman, Don Bae, Jacqui Bloom, Janet DonovanJohn GossartKelley McCormick, Kimberly Dozier, Mary Katherine and Michael Steel, Mike AllenMelanie KayeMichael Maragos, Neil Grace, Nikki SchwabNiki Christoff, Peter and Eve O’Toole, Polson Kanneth, Father Rick Curry, Stephanie Cutter, Tammy Haddad, Todd Flournoy, and Tommy McFly.

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