NYMag.com Is Ready to Party Like It’s 1973

Magazine will promote HBO's Vinyl through the weekend with an extremely inventive homepage takeover.

In support of HBO’s highly anticipated new series Vinyl, which premieres Valentine’s Day, New York magazine has put together its own love letter to the past.

Starting at midnight tonight and running through Sunday, visitors to nymag.com will be greeted with a full-page “Throwback” overlay ad, complete with circa-1973 typeface, graphic treatments and select New York magazine articles from that year, which were digitized from the archives and will remain live for the duration of the campaign. Here’s an exclusive preview of the splash artwork.

For those like us who are media-inclined, the natural first retro-click is Ellen Stock’s Sept. 17, 1973 issue article “The Nightsong of Wolfman Jack,” for which she visited the legendary DJ at WNBC:

Surrounding him, pampering him, are three hairy go-fers. They’re the ones who pull his records from the cassette racks, the ones who feed him his Lucky Strikes, his water in tiny paper cups and his ad libs from little piles of index cards titled “Love, Life & Wisdoms” and “Oldies Rap” and “Phone Rap” and “Surrounding Cities and States” and “General Momentum.”

Those were the days, when you could smoke indoors while broadcasting to 1,453 stations across the United States and 420 more in 42 foreign countries. Below, for your enjoyment, is a little more Wolfman Jack nostalgia. It’s only fitting that the first song he cues up here ahead of this weekend’s debut of the Mick JaggerMartin Scorsese-produced extravaganza is by… the Rolling Stones.