HBO Goes All in on Hip-Hop Promo with ‘Rappers as Game of Thrones Characters’


“…he is an a$$hole but is also very good at business and things…”

Did you hear that HBO wants to “diversify” the Game of Thrones audience? It’s true—and they didn’t stop at the mix tape.

In order to push the hip-hop/GoT connection as far as it can possibly go, the network’s promo team enlisted writer/watercolorist/man about town Shea Serrano to re-imagine top rappers as GoT characters on…

MySpace “Discover”. (It’s a thing.)

Go ahead and laugh, but Serrano definitely hit the mark on some of these.

While we might question Kanye’s business savvy, he is indeed an a$$hole just like Littlefinger (who will always be Mayor Tommy Carcetti to us).

These two you can’t dispute:


Biggie IS Eddard Stark, because he got killed in his prime and nobody who hadn’t already read the book really saw it coming. Also: he was far better than the people who “replaced” him. Not even Jaime Lannister would deny that.


And oh yeah, Jay-Z is Tywin Lannister, because he became de facto ruler of the kingdom after the other, more talented guy trusted people a little too much and paid for it with his life. But no, there’s no Beyoncé because Tywin is a widower. Sorry.

Now, whether you agree that Lil’ Wayne is King Joffrey depends on whether you, like Serrano, think that he’s “tiny and annoying and has a God complex”. At least Joffrey never tried to make a rock album.

Lil Wayne

We have to praise Serrano for framing what looked like a pretty ridiculous campaign in a clever way. You may notice something missing from the piece, though: there are no female rappers.

We’d propose Nicki Minaj as Cersei Lannister, but we’re not sure if she’s really evil enough. Wonder what Mariah Carey thinks…