HBO Go and Comcast Added to XBox Live

The world of online streaming video is heating up.  Netflix is finally recovering from a problematic 2011 and HBO has had great success with their HBO Go app which allows HBO subscribers to watch their favorite programs on any device.  Add one more device to the list, as HBO Go and Comcast’s digital video service are both coming to XBox.

These new video apps are becoming some of cornerstones of the upcoming TV wars — who’s going to be able to stream more content directly into your TV?  There are a lot of competitors in the space, all coming from different angles.  Google is launching Google TV, which will ostensibly will allow you to connect with Google’s “Play” store and download many movies.  Netflix and a few other services will probably be loaded on there.

Microsoft is throwing this stuff into their XBox, likely to try and appeal to the gamer crowd, but with the launch of Kinect they’re trying to broaden the use of the console to become a home entertainment box.

Playstation is taking the same steps as Microsoft, with new streaming video channels available in their dashboard.

Apple is rumored to be creating an Apple TV, which would allow for a plethora of apps and connection to iPhones and iPads.

Nintendo’s new Wii U will offer streaming video and their new controller offers a unique experience — if someone is playing a game and the family wants to use the TV, the gamer can just ‘take’ the game to his tablet/controller and walk away while the rest of the family uses the TV.

It’s going to be a fierce battle in the next generation, and in the end the viewers may be the ones that win out — more content available to view when you want it is a good thing.