HBO and Vice Expand Partnership

There's going to be a lot more Vice on your HBO.

HBO and Vice are expanding their partnership in a deal that will span the next four years. HBO is labeling this its “most expansive programming deal ever,” so please prepare for your life to be changed forever.

The deal includes a Vice daily newscast, featuring five half-hour shows a week, for 48 weeks per year; a bump in the weekly Vice documentary show, from 14 episodes to 35; and 32 Vice specials, which are described as “in-depth examinations of pressing topics.”

Shane Smith, Vice’s founder and CEO, was unsurprisingly dramatic about the announcement.

“This deal, simply put, allows Vice the freedom to go after any story, anywhere we find it – and to do so with complete independence,” said Smith, in a statement. “Over the the last few years, our relationship with HBO has morphed from a great business partnership into a transformative brand-builder. This groundbreaking deal will create a new voice in news.”

Like we said, prepare yourself.

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