Hawaii Five-O Star Makes Like Tom Jones

During a recent group interview session with members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Australian-born actor Alex O’Loughlin – who plays Steve McGarrett on the CBS reboot of Hawaii Five-O – talked about his recovery from an addiction to pain killers.

As a result of his experiences, he says he’s doing less stunts on the series than beforehand. O’Loughlin then segued to a rather hilarious continuing wave of worldwide fan support:

Asked about the strange gifts he gets in his fan mail, Alex smiled as he revealed, “I receive underwear – some clean, some not. No joke. My assistant who helps me with my fan mail constantly threatens to quit because of what we get sent… More from the Europeans… avant-garde type Germans, French, Dutch… I see the Amsterdam postmark and I’m like… you know. I get the bras…”

Singer Tom Jones, who pioneered this method of fan appreciation, is about as fond of the culotte kudos these days as O’Loughlin’s assistant. The entertainer told a British newspaper last month he was exasperated by a recent live concert review that was “more concerned with how many bloody pairs of underwear had been thrown on stage.”

[Photo: Featureflash/Shutterstock.com]