Yesterday was Judy Havemann’s last day at the Washington Post (after 33 years). She’s heading to the Wilson Quarterly as an editor.

The Food Staff wrote her a cute little going away note (after the jump).

We updated our Post Buy Out list, but the Post decided that, since we were outing these folks anyway, they mind as well confirm some names. Today, they reported that “About 70 reporters, editors, photographers and newsroom administrators have taken early retirement offers from The Washington Post Co., as the company’s flagship newspaper works to contain costs while circulation continues a slow slide.” In addition, “About 100 Post employees outside the newsroom, such as those in the newspaper’s pressrooms or on the advertising staff, took the offer.”

Given the names listed by the Post, the buy-out list as we understand it looks like this:

Tom Shales (“taking the offer but will keep writing for a period under contract”)
Courtland Milloy (“taking the offer but will keep writing for a period under contract”)
Al Crenshaw
Jerry Knight
Paul Blustein
Martha Hamilton
Tom Edsall (contributing to New Republic, National Journal magazine and Hotline)
Al Kamen (working under contract for forseeable future)
Nancy McKeon
Robin Groom
Judy Havemann
Bobbye Pratt
Chip Crews
D’Vera Cohn
Benjamin Forgey
Caryle Murphy
Karlyn Barker
Glenn Frankel
Lucian Perkins
Wendy Ross
Caroline Mayer
Chuck Babcock (going to Bloomberg)
Bridget Roeber
Carmen Chapin
Guy Gugliotta (moving to New York to freelance…wife just took gig at New York Times)
Daniel Williams (going to Bloomberg)
Leslie Walker (will finish a novel)

Still, Len Downie assured, “We’re going to be all right.”

The hardest hit sections? Proportionally, photo and business lose the most staffers. Food is losing 4 of 6 staffers (perhaps because it will be folded into their Source project?)

Also, could it be true what we’re hearing? That everyone’s favorite wingman reporterLaura Sessions Stepp — was “encouraged” to take the buyout, but decided to stay?

We also learn that Phuong Ly (she of the mysterious departure) is going to join the Poynter Institute in the fall as a visiting faculty member.

Thirty-three years ago, on June 1, 1973, Judy Havemann joined the staff of The Washington Post. Since then, with the exception of three years as a contract writer in Brussels and one year as a Nieman fellow, she has been a reporter covering:

*General assignment for the city desk

*G.A. for the Maryland desk

*Fairfax County government

*The Office of Personnel Management

*The Office of Management and Budget

*The General Services Administration

*Welfare reform

As an editor in Metro, she has been:

*Assistant Virginia editor

*Virginia editor

*Maryland editor

*District Weekly editor

As an editor in National, she has overseen:



*Politics, including the White House


*The Pentagon

*Health care

As a recruiter in Newsroom Personnel for two years, she had a hand in hiring dozens of staff members (and she befriended many others).

And to top it all off, she has been the editor of the Food section for the past year and a half.


Through it all, Judy has never lost her passion for the newspaper business or her dedication to this newspaper.

Today is her last day. She’ll be joining the Wilson Quarterly as an editor (while the Quarterly’s contents have considerable range, it’s doubtful that Judy will be able to use everything she’s learned in her time here).

During the day, come to her fourth-floor office and say goodbye to this remarkable reporter, editor, recruiter and person. And, this being Food, get a bite to eat.

The Food staff

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