Have You Heard? The Droid Is Getting Android 2.1

Motorola Droid users have been anxiously waiting for an update for their phones that will upgrade the Android operating system to Version 2.1, which is the most recent version that Nexus One users have been enjoying since January. Ever since the end of January there has been what turned out to be false reports that Verizon had released the update, only leaving Droid owners dismayed to learn that Verizon did not in fact release the update.

Today Engadget reported that today is the day and this time Verizon really, truly, is releasing the update, citing what appears to be a Verizon internal memo as the source of the news. The understanding is that starting at noon today, Verizon was going to push the update to 1,000 users. Engadget has turned off comments for their article, so I can’t see if anyone posted a comment stating whether they received the update. As I write this at 8:00 PM EST, I am searching Twitter on the word “droid” and I don’t see any tweets of people saying they received an update.

One thing that is not clear to me in the memo Engadget published is which time zone it refers to. The memo states that by the morning of March 31 10,000 users should get the update, enough I would think for someone to report on the Internet that they actually received it. Since Todd is one of the folks anxious to get the update for his Droid, he may have more to share early Wednesday morning.

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