Have You ever Wondered if You Can Legally Share That eBook?

Figuring out when a copyright expires is relatively simple in the US (never, thanks to Disney), but it’s not quite so simple a matter in the rest of the world. But now there are online tools to make it easier.

New tools have been released as part of the Europeana Project that will help you calculate when a copyright will expire. The tools are free to use and they cover 30 countries (the 27 members of the European Union plus Switzerland, Iceland & Norway) and can be found at www.outofcopyright.eu.

These public domain calculators have been developed by Knowledgeland and the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam, and they are a work in progress. Due to the complex and patchwork nature of copyright laws in most countries, these toos will likely stay under development right up until they are retired.

via Open Knowledge Foundation Blog