Have you driven a Ford off a cliff, lately?

Yes, amidst all the braying for blood over the casting of an anti-Bond in Daniel Craig, you may soon hear calls for the very heads of the entire Bond-owning Broccoli clan. mondeo.jpegbondlogo.jpeg

Yes, they’ve gone and screwed with the car, too: Not only has Bond gone blonde, he’s driving a Ford in the new “Casino Royale.” It’s a called a Mondeo, and it rather looks a bit like something a mid-level sales rep at a pharmaceutical company might drive if he hit all his fourth quarter numbers.

We think that despite his lack of an Aston Martin DB9, we’ll be able to get on with our lives; but I doubt that the craignotbond.com people can take much more of this. That said, we also hear Bond steps up to the bar in “Royale” and orders a Kahlua and cream – stirred, natch.