Have You Checked Out ProPublica‘s “Investigations You Need To Read” Feature?

ProPublica has an informative little feature on its blog called “Investigations You Need to Read,” described on the site as an aggregation of stories that form “part of our ongoing roundup of investigations from other news outlets.” The feature was brought to our attention through a Tweet from Greg Mitchell:

Interest piqued, we asked the round-up’s writer, Marian Wang, just how new the feature is. She helpfully offered a bit of clarification:

We’ve actually been gathering investigations from other publications since we first began publishing–the idea being that if our primary goal is to inform the public, we’re not at all stingy about where the credit goes. So we definitely want to point to good work that others have done, but it’s not an entirely new thing for us.

I think some people are getting the impression it’s entirely new because we just launched our first blog this week, and for the blog we’ve been turning our normal Investigations Elsewhere feature (www.propublica.org/breaking – which is usually just headlines that link out) into more roundup-style posts every morning that we’re calling the “Investigations You Need to Read.” So far for the morning Need to Read posts, I’ve been the one writing the posts and coming up with brief one- or two-liners to give people a better idea of what the story’s about.

So there you have it. New or just new to you, we still recommend it as a helpful round-up for the news-hungry among you.